Years ago, a night out would consist of seeing a small number of DJs. In the early days of house music, you might typically have just two or three DJs on the whole evening – and occasionally just the one, doing a set which could last over 12 hours.

Not these days. Which is why Booker T was indignant a few weeks ago when he found out that his spot at the Beautiful People Festival – in the Mi-Soul Radio arena – was just 30 minutes long. The final listings for the day had not been announced at the time, and Beautiful People Festival refused to comment when I contacted them.

Well, they’ve now been made available, and here they are…

I notice there isn’t a single 30 minute set in there. Several of them are 45 minutes long – so what happened here? Were the lineups rejigged after Booker T pulled out or were 30 minute sets never in the plan for this year?

The mystery thickens…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.