Exactly four months ago today, I wrote an article on this blog asking exactly how does Mixcloud compile its own charts. The original feature referenced an interview that Mixcloud CEO Nico Perez (pictured above) provided, which was as brief as it was useless. And his own website was little better at explaining things.

Judging by the latest series of tweets to come out of Mixcloud HQ, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s been baffled. They promise “insider information”, for example – whether this is a euphemism for “this is what Nico told me I could write” is unclear. Now, I’m fairly sure the average reader of this blog has eyes, so do read the entire Twitter thread for yourself.

My conclusions? It appears that in order to get to the top of the Mixcloud charts, you have to put out shows regularly, be able to persuade your fans to listen for as long as possible and be an absolute whizz at promoting and pushing your own shows using social media. That would be the same social media websites whose algorithms are often weighted heavily against posts encouraging people to leave the aforementioned social media website.

And in an age where people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, you somehow have to persuade them to listen to as much of the show as possible, if not the whole thing. This is an area where DJs have something of an advantage – the songs are all mixed together – but it’s still no guarantee.

You have to be a social media genius with a huge profile and the ability to get your fans attention for a long time. Well, that’s alright. For a moment there, I thought Mixcloud were asking for a lot… 

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.