Amidst the vaccine passports debates currently happening in England and Scotland, there are two questions which remain unanswered. The first one was – if clubbers have to be double vaccinated against Covid-19, will the same policy apply to the DJs, employees and other patrons of the nightclub?

Neither government has said anything on the subject as of yet – and I can’t help but think this is something still being wrangled over by lawyers. Telling those who work in a venue that they must be double vaccinated could cause legal challenges later, especially if this only applies to certain sectors.

Speaking to an anonymous industry insider on August 26th, he said “Legally, DJs are a bit like contractors. They’re like builders. They’re asked to come in, do a specific job and they leave. Clubs can theoretically ask them to get tests done beforehand, but the DJs will probably add it on to their fee.”.

Exactly how widespread this view is, I don’t know, but no one has yet spoken to me with a different opinion. The second question is over how such a policy would be received by clubbers. And at this point, I have to express disappointment – yet not surprise – that the likes of Mixmag and Resident Advisor have not approached a polling company to try and gauge what opinions are on this.

Would double vaccinated clubbers stop going out to clubs even though they’d have no trouble getting in? Would non-vaccinated clubbers simply start going to illegal raves instead? Or – as was the case with the Covid vaccine rollout – would opposition just melt away once the policy was in place?

This topic really is like a game of Whac-A-Mole, isn’t it? Every time you think you’ve answered a question, five new ones appear…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.