There are few things more likely to provoke disagreements, heated debates and fall-outs than dance music history. When you have a bunch of mostly men who have widely differing views over the past and very little written down from the time in question, this is hardly surprising.

This blog has previously spoken a little about how the Belleville Three story is a myth. In a nutshell, the claim was made by journalist Neil Rushton to sell this new music from Detroit to the British. Saunderson, Atkins and May were portrayed as three poor black men who’d made this revolutionary new music. They weren’t quite as poor as the story made out…

I’ve also tried to dig into the story given by Danny Rampling over the holiday to Ibiza he went on with some friends in 1987 – but so far, this one checks out. However, there are a few other people who also had a role in house music coming to the UK, who are hardly ever mentioned.

One of those is Michael Schiniou, better known as Jazzy M. And he’s decided he wants his say. He’s going to be interviewed by Lenny Fontana’s True House Stories – a brilliant series once you cast aside the series’ name’s similarly to a programme hosted by Piers Morgan.

I know that he started playing house music in 1985 in a segment for his show on LWR Radio. I also know he did the first ever radio show in the whole of Europe with just house music on it from 1986 – and it’s highly possible he was one of the first in the whole world too. And finally, I know he dabbled in some productions and remixes over the years.

But that’s about the extent of my knowledge. So on the evening of September 29th, I’m going to try and make space in the busy schedule to listen to this. It could be very interesting indeed to hear what he has to say…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.