Let’s get one thing out of the way here. I think diversity is, by and large, a thoroughly good thing. This blog has no time for misogyny – especially allegations invented by a journalist motivated by malice – sexism, racism, homophobia or anything else like it. And I will call it out when I see it.

So I should be very pleased to hear about Resident Advisor and Intervention’s forthcoming free DJ workshops for what they term “marginalised communities”, right? Er, not really. And it’s not just because of their claim that “If [a white man needs] the space, you’re welcome to join but be mindful of the place you may be taking from someone else”.

Short of saying “p*** off, you’re not wanted”, Intervention couldn’t make their views any clearer. But it’s not just white men that are persona non grata here – it’s the disabled too. And they’re one of the most diverse, yet also one of the most marginalised communities out there!

I live with a wife with a disability, so I do know a little on the subject. And I’ve seen enough examples in my time of good access and sadly, a lot more examples of bad access. So when their FAQ section says “We try to use accessible spaces for different physical needs for all our workshops but sometimes this isn’t possible”, I honestly despair.

They’re going to 12 major cities across Britain – yet claim they can’t find decent accessible spaces in these cities. I’m not buying this explanation – just what must they have on their criteria list that makes the task so utterly impossible? Or does this come down to not wanting to spend money?

It’s very strange to say you want to help “marginalised communities” whilst choosing spaces that some of those marginalised might not even be able to get into…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.