That’s another £361 in the collection bucket! Rare Shoom flyer sale proceeds go to Dance For Stevie – and the GoFundMe page is looking pretty promising too…

Back on Monday of last week, you might remember this blog published an article about a flyer from 1988 from the notorious Shoom nightclub which was on sale at eBay. Proceeds for the item were going to the Dance For Stevie fund – the full backstory for that can be found here.

Bidding has now finished for the item, and I can report the flyer sold for £361. Not bad for something that didn’t really do anything for 33 years. And checking on the GoFundMe page in question, the fundraiser is going quite nicely – with just over £18,100 raised at the time of writing this post.

I hope to see that total rocket over the next few days – without going into too much detail here, I have a good understanding of the fact house adaptations to make a home more accessible are enormously expensive…

Anyone who fancies going, there’s a very limited number of tickets still left…

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