Derrick May is not a man who thinks a great deal of white people. When allegations surfaced last year in the mainstream press – months after journalist Michael James started talking about the subject – he responded by claiming he was the victim of racism.

Unfortunately for the beleaguered DJ, he has other problems too – aside from all his gigs being cancelled, his glasses recently broke. In August, he went to do a show alongside Juan Atkins and Ash Lauryn – and was photographed making a spectacle of himself wearing, well, spectacles with a big crack on one of the lenses. You only get one pair of eyes, so I’d imagine this is a problem he’d want to resolve.

Judging by Instagram, May appears to have gone down to the opticians and become friends with two white gentlemen who also wear glasses…

One of them, Scott Gordon, appears with him quite frequently at the moment – and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. A source in Detroit says “Derrick seems to spend a lot of time with Scott these days. He tags May in everything now. It’s just weird”.

A quick glance of his Instagram profile reveals that Derrick May is hashtagged in almost every post – despite him only actually appearing in a very small number of them. And his reminiscence to previous May accomplice Mike “Planker” Weston has been mentioned too…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.