Music is often something which runs in families. If someone has a taste for music, it’s probably because they got introduced to it by a relative. Which means it’s not always easy to tell when a certain talent runs in families, or whether it’s just a younger person using the name of an older family member to make a name for themselves.

Now, an admission. I haven’t heard much of the Dunmore Brothers before. The sets I’ve heard seem solid enough. The track selections are a bit more tech-house than I like, but they clearly have a talent for what they’re doing. I also have little doubt that their dad’s work in house music has rubbed off on them – and I bet he’s rightly pleased as punch to see it.

A quick Google search reveals they only seem to be involved with Defected’s own events – but maybe that’s something that’ll change in future. A pandemic and a huge backlog of delayed shows has to be cleared first. However, being Simon Dunmore’s sons, this – rightly or wrongly – means they can end up accused of taking advantage of nepotism.

And when a Twitter troll recently tried this on after Dunmore posted a photo of the three men DJing, he wasn’t having any of it…

An extremely rare incidence of swearing from Simon Dunmore – sources who have worked with him in the past say he rarely uses such strong language, so I suspect this suggestion has rather rattled him.

Less certain, however, are persistent rumours that the two sons are potentially being lined up by their father to potentially replace him when he retires. When I asked a source who worked with Dunmore Senior at AM:PM whether retirement would ever be on the cards for him, he just burst out laughing. Told me all I wanted to know…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.