I’m saddened to report this morning that soul singer – and occasional name in the world of house music too – Kenny Thomas is in hospital, suffering from a nasty case of Covid-19. His manager posted a statement yesterday afternoon stating that his forthcoming tour was being postponed due to a positive diagnosis.

It’s unknown exactly when Thomas contracted the virus, but it would explain why he’s been quiet on social media recently. The tour was due to start next Tuesday at Southend-on-Sea – rescheduled dates are due to be announced soon.

Unfortunately, within just a few hours, however, things had deteriorated. Another statement was issued by his management – Ed Lewis at Nightfly Management – confirming he was “very unwell” and had been “admitted to hospital this morning where he is being carefully monitored”.

The past few years have continued to be eventful for Thomas. Aside from his work as a soul singer, he also continued to occasionally dabble in house music – including taking part of the release of “I Need You” in 2017, a single by SK1 made to raise funds for his daughter Christina. At the time, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and money was needed to pay for specialist treatment.

Get well soon, Kenny.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.