Every now and then, this blog gets contacted by a male who’s very high up in the dance music world. He’s worked in many prominent roles and has been around since the 1980s raves. And he speaks in a remarkably candid fashion about issues at the time. He even allows me to publish those views – so long as it’s under a cloak of anonymity.

The insider in question has been in touch on the subject of needle spiking. This is a disturbing crime which I haven’t encountered before – typically, it involves giving women an injection of harmful drugs without their consent. The needles are absolutely tiny – we’re not talking about the whoppers you might see at your dentist.

Of needle spiking itself, he says. “This crime is clearly horrific on the women who fall victim to it. There’s no doubt about that. And anyone who does this kind of stuff, as far as I’m concerned, is an evil c*** who deserve everything they get. But this demonisation of nightclubs over this issue is just b******s”.

Was my insider referring to the impending boycott of nightclubs being planned shortly? Not surprisingly, he was, saying “I don’t think that’s fair. Even the most unscrupulous nightclub owners out there don’t want people going home unable to remember a single moment they were in there. It’s bad for business – at a time when lots of nightclubs are already in financial trouble.”

“But it’s not the nightclub which injects this poison into the victims. They shouldn’t be punished because of the actions of a few scumbags. There are undoubtedly nightclubs out there who cut corners on security to save on time or whatever – but no matter how much security you have, you’d never be able to catch absolutely everything.”

“You’ve spoken on your blog before about how the nightclub industry isn’t terribly good at defending itself. And that’s why this s*** is being aimed at them. Whilst there’s clearly a legitimate issue here and nightclubs should definitely see what else they can do to deal with this problem, it’s not the fault of nightclubs it’s happening. It’s the fault of sick f***ers who think they’ve got the right to drug and do even worse things to women.”

He isn’t holding back on this one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.