For this week’s edition of the series, I’m going all the way back to the year 2001. For me, this was the year I was doing my GCSEs, so music’s importance to me started to really increase around this time. It gave me a nice bit of escapism at a time when exams and starting A-Levels at college were all the focus.

Sometime during the summer of this year, I bought a compilation called MTV Ibiza 2001. These albums certainly had some commercial stuff on them, but they did occasionally turn up with some lovely underground nuggets. Switching on the second disc, it started with “2 People” by Jean-Jacques Smoothie – a massive record that year.

But then this record called “Dive Into You” by Hefner and Cosmos came into the mix. It was this deeper, yet quite soulful record. You didn’t hear it on compilations like this one very often – but to the credit of whoever mixed this, he let a good portion of the track play before bringing in the next record.

Anyway, see what you think above…

By The Editor

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