Yes, I know this is a series which features on the blog tomorrow – and fear not, you will still get your regular Monday edition – but my blog, my rules and all that. I thought I’d commemorate Halloween by referencing this old record.

These days, Armand Van Helden seems to make a rather nice living out of playing the sort of music which wouldn’t be out of place on a Ministry of Sound classics compilation. And not much else.

But there was a time when his records were quite innovative. Whilst the word danced in 1999 to “You Don’t Know Me” – featuring Duane Harden on vocals and a sample from 1979 release “Dance With You”  by Carrie Lucas – this one came out somewhat under the radar on his own label.

I first heard this song on October 30th, 1999 – like 2021, Halloween also fell on a Sunday that year. And I haven’t forgotten it since. It starts off quite weird – but once that funky bassline kicks in, everything starts to make sense. If you’ve never heard this before, get ready for a surprise…

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By The Editor

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