Medical types getting overexcited seems to be a theme this week across the Irish Sea. Yesterday, this blog reported on utterly hysterical comments that a representative of the British Medical Association in Northern Ireland made – the gist of it being that young people’s refusal to get vaccinated against Covid was putting Granny at risk.

And now I see that the Chief Medical Officer of Ireland, Dr Tony Holohan, has been spouting off something similar, even if his tone was more measured…

Now, allow me to reiterate this very clearly. This blog is not anti-vax, by any means. Indeed, I have criticised Danny Rampling’s stance on the Covid vaccine for several months now. I’m very much in favour of adults getting vaccinated against Covid-19 – and I myself have been double jabbed since May.

But this kind of advice is illogical and undermines their own position. His view of doing a “risk assessment”, as he calls it, isn’t a bad one – but if nightclubs are as much of a risk to the grandparents as he’s saying, should they not remain closed?

And all I would say to any younger person who isn’t vaccinated against Covid – yes, you’ll probably be alright if you catch it. You might have a torrid few days or week and then get better. You probably would – but that’s not a guarantee. Ultimately, the choice is, are you prepared to take the risk, knowing what could happen if things go wrong? Food for thought…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.