One story which has been playing out in the dance music press over the past week is the possible reopening of Space Ibiza. The venue originally closed in 2016 after their lease on the premises expired – but the appearance of the logo on the side of Hard Rock Cafe has brought much speculation a return is imminent.

But this blog can reveal that behind the scenes, things are looking more shaky than is being made out in public. For example, a number of press outlets this week reported that Space founder Pepe Roselló has confirmed a musical experience of some kind will return in 2022.

But none of them elaborate on where this claim comes from. The last time Roselló spoke on the subject in public was in early May. Despite extensive searches throughout the week, I could not find a single instance of Roselló making any new comment on the subject to any publication – or indeed any comment at all.

And as the Man In San An blog points out, “The Matutes group of companies (Usuhaïa, Hard Rock Hotel and Hī) and Space owner Pepe Rosello are sworn enemies so does this mean they have kissed and made up? Seemingly not, it looks like the situation just became even more complicated”.

My sources have said much the same to me too. One said he even questioned whether Space would come back at all. He said “It’s not exactly clear who owns the Space brand right now. Things have been messy since 2016 and a lot of stuff remains unsolved. If Pepe wants it open again next year, the lawyers have got their work cut out”.

Whilst a search of trademarks reveal the Space brand is definitely under Roselló’s ownership, the Matutes group have previously stated they could use the name if they wish at the Playa den Bossa where the club used to be based. Which doesn’t make sense – as Roselló owns the trademark, they could only use the name if licenced to do so.

And seeing that Roselló keeps going to the press to attack the Matutes group, this seems unlikely. So what on earth is going on? Expect the decision due from the Spanish courts over the future of Privilege – whose ownership has also been in dispute – to be a potential game changer…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.