Here’s One They Made Earlier: Timo Maas and an early lesson in just what he could do with an average disco house track…

This week, the column goes back to those heady days of 2000. This one first appeared as a very limited edition promo at the back end of 1999 – infact, it made Ministry’s edition of Clubbers Guide to 2000. The original was a typical disco-sampling, big male vocal kind of track from its time.

Which is precisely why I wasn’t particularly keen on the original version. At the time, however, the man of the moment was Timo Maas – his genre transcending mix of “Dooms Night” by Azzido Da Bass had been circulating for months and he was becoming hugely in-demand.

And he provided a remix of this song. Almost all of the vocal was dropped, and I’m not sure whether Maas even used the original sample on his version. Instead, he creates a track which takes a little time to build up, but it’s worth it, trust me…

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