This column is occasionally accused of having a lack of variety – it’s all soulful or vocal tunes, they say. And to be fair, they have a point. I do aim to feature a bigger variety of genres from the dance music world in this column as time goes on, so today – time for something on the techno side!

Back in 2001, one of the big tracks of the summer was “Come Home” by Lil Devious. They were a duo consisting of Mark Baker and Gary Little – the original was a cheesy but decent enough sample house record. Now, in those days, remixes were usually commissioned to broaden the appeal of a song.

And broaden it is what Dave Clarke certainly did. The first half of his mix is on the harder techno side. When the vocals leave us for the first time, the techno brashness continues for a little longer, until the vocal returns. At which point, things become quite interesting – with that cut-up disco sample making for a very pleasant contrast to the first half of the remix.

Still sounds the part today…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.