Most people who get involved in the remix game have a story of someone who didn’t like the new version of their work. For example, New Order blocked the release of Danny Tenaglia’s remixes of “World (The Price Of Love)” by New Order in 1993. Tenaglia stated that “Warner’s dance department loved the remixes but New Order did not”.

Another instance is from 1991. David Morales was asked to remix “Something Got Me Started” by Simply Red. Despite being paid a five-figure sum by Atlantic, they never received an official release beyond a very limited test pressing. Rumours persist to this day that Mick Hucknall didn’t like them, so stopped their release.

A later example comes from 1999, when Sasha was asked to remix “Belfast” by Orbital. The man like Sasha used to play the song heavily during his earlier years – and admitted he was quite “reverential” of it. So he ended up taking his remix quite far from the original – much to the disdain of the band. The remix was repurposed as “Belfunk”, which came out later in the year.

Very little of Orbital’s stuff has been remixed officially – although a quick search of YouTube reveals plenty of bootleg offerings. But since the trend amongst the business techno lot at the moment is to rinse out old records with usually inferior new mixes – heaven forbid they make something new, eh? – a new version of “Belfast” was always on the cards.

Infact, two of them were. Brazilian techno DJ ANNA – real name Ana Miranda – has created a techno and ambient mixes of the song. And in response, they sent out this tweet…

It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of her work, is it? Which just leaves me pondering if this yet another attempt to cash in on the current zeitgeist of cannibalising old records…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.