Aluna puts her money where her mouth is! Campaigner against racism in music industry launches her own Noir Fever festival – and there isn’t a white face anywhere near the line-up…

This blog likes people who stand up for what they believe in. And within the music world, they’re even more lacking than in general society. I like to think I do this every day here, although that’s for other people to ultimately judge.

One person who has certainly backed herself this week is singer and songwriter Aluna Francis. She’s been a long-time campaigner against racism within the music industry. My personal opinion is whilst this is blatantly an issue, the movement to do something about it has stalled in the past few months – possibly to do with festivals and clubs reopening.

In life, you can either complain something isn’t right, or try to do something to make it right. Francis has chosen the latter category and is putting on her own festival. It’s called Noir Fever and it’ll take place in New Orleans from May 27th to the 30th next year.

Take a look at the lineup, however, and you might notice something which I haven’t seen at a festival before…

Everyone on the lineup is black. And this isn’t my observation – this is something Noir Fever are determined to make something of for this festival. Well, it certainly makes a change to your average festival lineup – which are nowadays intent on having as many rich white men on the bill as possible. Alongside the token woman booked to take the heat off themselves…

But is this, as one person put it to me, racism in reverse? Having thought about it, I disagree. With the way the music industry is these days, I believe a radical shake-up is required – and I don’t see much more radical than having just Black people on the lineup.

Aluna has impressed me by putting her money where her mouth is. But of course, what ultimately matters is how good the festival actually is. And for answers to this question, we shall find out at the end of May…

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