The techno focused Kappa FuturFestival officially makes its return to the touring schedule of many of the circuit DJs next year. Which is good news for their bank balances, if not for all the punters who have to pay through the nose to see them.

No lineup has been announced yet and not a single ticket has even been sold. A source close to the festival tells me ticket sales are unlikely to begin for a few weeks, as the lineup is still being finalised. But amidst this frenzy between managers who want the festival to fork out lots of money and the festival which doesn’t, one question currently remains unanswered.

Will Derrick May make an appearance? As I understand it, a number of those who are due to appear next year are actually bookings that were made for the 2020 festival, which obviously got cancelled due to the coronavirus. And one name which was on that list was, you guessed it, Derrick May.

For some inexplicable reason, May retains quite a lot of support in some countries in Europe. Only a few weeks ago, he had a gig in Italy’s Audiodrome – which May is supposed to have bizarrely told his friends was the start of “my mother****ing comeback”. But is this gig happening?

Contracts for festivals are traditionally signed quite some time before they take place – and I understand some of them were now signed over three years ago. Many also feature clauses which mean DJs have to receive a payment if the festival cancels the booking. Sadly, I’m not aware whether May has a clause like this in his contract.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Expect an absolute furore from myself and others if his name appears anywhere near the lineup…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.