Time now for some employment related news on Amateur’s House. Unemployment here in the UK is currently running at 4.3% and the jobs market is undergoing something of a boom period after Covid related restrictions have been almost entirely scrapped.

Certain sectors, however, are struggling to fill vacancies. For example, Britain has a shortage of HGV drivers – although this is a problem being experienced by a number of other countries too. Who’d have thought that truckers would decide to become delivery drivers during lockdown and end up liking those jobs more than their old ones, eh?

And another business which currently has a shortage of staff is Resident Advisor. The company has a number of job listings available – they’re all listed here, by the way. It’s a real turnaround for the company – barely 12 months ago, they’d made a number of their staff redundant and the rest were on either furlough or reduced hours.

But some of the jobs here raise more questions than answers. For instance, Resident Advisor are looking for a City Manager for Barcelona. This person would presumably find and report on stories out in Spain, including Ibiza. However, one look at the job shows it’s for a working week of just five hours.

Quite who they’re hoping to attract with such low hours remains a mystery. And the ideal candidate for the following job of People And Culture Coordinator is called Miss Rabbit. Unfortunately for those who run Resident Advisor, she is a fictional character with at least 47 different jobs on children’s TV show Peppa Pig.

The successful candidate has to help out with recruitment, look after new members of staff, manage the London office whilst providing support to the New York and Berlin ones, maintain the company calendar and sort out staff nights out. And that’s just for starters.

As for the pay? Resident Advisor keep these figures under lock and key, and never seem to divulge them in their adverts. So I’m afraid I’ve no idea how much you’ll be earning – although it’s unlikely to be the high five-figure salary editor in chief Whitney Wei is reportedly on each year…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.