Ever since I started Amateur’s House, one thing I’ve noticed is that a seemingly disproportionate number of people in the dance music world have a complete inability to see how they’re perceived. They’ve swallowed so much of their own hype that they have long ceased to be able to see the woods from the trees.

And they tend to associate with like-minded people. Hence why there’s a lot of groupthink and very little independent thought – and hence why they have no idea how to handle a blog like this one. Derrick May is a case in point – a man who saw himself as untouchable for many years yet laughably tries to pretend he still is.

His on-off “passport” girlfriend Sofia Tsagaraki seems to have no idea how the world perceives her, either. Last Thursday was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The name is more than a bit of a mouthful, and unfortunately, that’s what Tsagaraki treated her Instagram followers to as well…


Now, I don’t care in the least about the fact that Tsagaraki has yet again forgotten to put her clothes on. What she chooses to wear – or not wear, in this case – is her own business. It’s her words which I find much more interesting.

She notes that she is “grateful and blessed” for “all the women and girls who are fighting for their freedom from violence”. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just come straight out with it – your boyfriend is Derrick May. And over the past nearly two years, your boyfriend has faced all kinds of accusations of sexual assault against him.

The accounts of women that were published on Resident Advisor and DJ Mag last year were harrowing. The stories published accuse him of forcing himself on women. Yet shortly after these articles emerged, Tsagaraki made the following disgusting claims…

In her own words, Tsagaraki believes that the women detailing horrific events – and I’m aware of a number of even more shocking allegations expunged by solicitors for the respective publications – are “seeking fame” or “didn’t get the attention needed”.

And in my own words, I believe this proves Tsagaraki is a truly repulsive person. The fact she honestly believes she’s in any kind of position to pontificate on the subject of violence against women demonstrates she’s not only repulsive, her sense of delusion and entitlement is well and truly on a planet of its own…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.