Criminality has never been a million miles away from the music world, as I outlined in an article recently about “dark forces” in the major labels working overtime to stop themselves having to give more money to artists. They’re practising what’s in their genes.

However, anyone under the impression that things are now different is sorely mistaken. The criminals are still there, but the tactics being used have changed. Nowadays, criminals take advantage of the fact finding out who owns someone’s publishing or masters isn’t always easy by simply pretending that they do.

I can confirm that I’ve been looking into one outfit for this. The matter is currently in the hands of the police whilst they investigate further, so I can’t reveal any details for now – but in the meantime, I see an interesting legal case taking place in the USA. According to Digital Music News, two men in the country have been charged with running a scam that fraudulently netted them $20million in royalty fees.

Obviously I won’t be commenting on this case whilst it remains in the courts. But mark my words – a number of schemes similar to the ones these men are charged with running exist elsewhere. It’s a growing problem and it remains to be seen whether the music industry is going to take it more seriously than at present…

Tip of the hat goes to Digital Music News over this one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.