The plague rave agency which periodically gets mentioned on this blog – although never by name – haven’t had a good year. Firstly, one of their DJs admitted to me that he’d been doing plague rave at their insistence – writing about the experience and answering my questions afterwards.

Shortly afterwards, they tried to get me to remove the articles from the website. They also wanted me to sign a gagging order on the subject. Those articles are still online, and I point blank refused to sign any gagging order – so things were clearly very successful for them.

Then I discovered they’d had to make two payouts to people who’d allegedly caught Covid at events held abroad by the agency. And now I hear murmurs that the company is now, ahem, cracking down – with an email being sent out ordering their DJs and staff to “kindly stop leaving your cookies in the office”.

But they don’t mean the delicious, chewy biscuits. Nor do they mean the type stored on computers. No, it turns out “cookies” is a slang term used for cocaine – the emails did not use this word because, according to a source, “it would immediately get blocked by our email filter”.

When contacted for comment yesterday, the agency in question simply told me “Oh, f*** off, you sanctimonious little c***.”. Which isn’t a denial of my story, by the way…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.