Has this blog been too hard on Rebekah Teasdale, founder of the #ForTheMusic movement and co-founder of 23×23? This is the question I’ve asked myself more than once lately after reading a few pieces of correspondence on the issue this week. So I thought I’d try to explain my thinking over this issue.

Now, I make no apologies for asking questions about the slow progress of #ForTheMusic. I think such a movement in the world of dance music is long overdue and I believe time has been wasted. I also believe there are questions over whether a touring DJ such as Teasdale has the time to run such a campaign – the issues within it are deep and complicated, and a lot of vested interests in dance music would prefer things to remain as they are.

But the fact I’m asking questions does not automatically mean I’m against the movement. Far from it. I want #ForTheMusic and the 23×23 campaigns to be hugely successful. If anything, I would criticise 23×23 as being far too modest in its aims. I believe the potential is there to go much further – and I also have questions about the sincerity of the largely old boys network labels who are helping them out.

Which brings me to current matters. At the time of publishing, the date for the talk between #ForTheMusic members Rebekah Teasdale and Sacha Wall is still scheduled for 4pm today. As I explained last week, I hope there are no more delays. And on Sunday evening, 6pm UK time, Teasdale will be doing a Q&A on the issue of sexual harassment within the industry.

All this essentially means that Teasdale won’t be getting much sleep until Monday. She’s currently in Colombia doing a series of three shows. There was due to be a fourth at Area 54 in Pereira last night, but I understand this was cancelled due to venue problems. The others were Medellin on Tuesday night, Bogota tonight and Cali on Saturday evening.

A source has suggested to me this is all part of a “fightback” against criticism of the movement from the likes of this blog. I cannot establish at the time of writing how accurate this is, but I hope this is something which spurs 2022 into being a year of real action and real change.

God only knows it’s needed – and nothing would please me more than to see the smug smiles wiped off the faces of the old boy network…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.