Sacha Lord is not a happy bunny, and he doesn’t seem to mind who knows it. This blog has criticised Lord on more than one occasion – whether it be his club issuing a statement about a drug death totally devoid of any warmth or humanity, or his bizarre stance on plague rave DJs – but I do have to give him credit on at least one thing.

That would be his willingness to stand up for what he considers to be right. Earlier this year, he took on the government’s Covid restrictions, believing the UK government was easing off on English restrictions far too slowly, and to the detriment of hospitality. And he funded his own legal action by himself.

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to try and distract people from his own troubles by announcing Covid passports and extended face mask use for England. Sacha Lord has heard his words and has decreed he isn’t happy – and will start fighting back tomorrow…

So what does he have in mind? Anyone hoping for another legal challenge to be brought against the government might be disappointed – a source up in Manchester tells me “this is unlikely right now”. Rather, I’m told a campaign has been in the works to get across the message from hospitality that they need the public’s help more than ever.

Details are vague as of tonight, but I suspect I’ll be coming back to this one in a few days time…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.