Many years ago, a man far wiser than me said I shouldn’t be afraid to speak the truth, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it makes certain people feel as a result. And this is essentially the premise of this blog – speak the truth, especially when others are reluctant to do the job.

He also told me that sooner or later, people will start to hear what you say, even if they don’t appear to be listening. This appears to be the situation now in the Nervous Records advertising saga. And I’m not afraid to say I feel a little bit pleased with myself over it.

For the past few months, I’ve regularly called out Nervous and the sexist, outdated brand of advertising. I’m not the first person to pick up on this, but I believe I’m probably the most vocal about it right now. Infact, my most recent post on the subject was only yesterday.

But someone at Nervous has clearly been reading this post featuring a pig in a modelling shot for the label. Because today, they published this…

I think someone is a little annoyed at me consistently pointing out their brand of trashy, cheap advertising has had its day. One can only wonder what label boss Mike Weiss thinks – maybe this poor show of defiance is a clue…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.