Things are going a bit wrong at the moment. Just like last Christmas, there’s a feeling Covid cases are getting out of control and that restrictions on our lives are just days away. Only yesterday, this blog covered the news of nightclubs in Wales being closed from December 27th, joining a number of EU countries which have already done so.

Some clubs, faced with a combination of poor ticket sales and cancellations, are making decisions for themselves. For example, Thirty3Hz in Guildford – where The Shapeshifters was due to play – have postponed tonight’s gig until February 7th. They cite the risk of catching Covid in the coming days and subsequently having to spend Christmas Day in isolation from friends and family.

They’re far from the only venue not going ahead with events this weekend. But one place which is going ahead as normal is London’s Fabric. Earlier this week, they posted an update on their Instagram page following the government mandating vaccine passports for England. And the state of the comments section says it all…

What the anti-vaxxers and other moonbeams flooding the comments appear to be unaware of is that Fabric has been demanding proof of vaccination, a negative lateral flow test or proof of recent infection since they reopened in July. In other words, getting in this weekend will be exactly the same as it was last weekend.

You’d wonder which one of them has possession of the brain cell this week…

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By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.