Regular readers of this blog might have noticed by now that one thing I like almost as much as analysing current events is combing through historical ones. And one thing which changes through time is the way that certain records are viewed. Allow me to present an example.

In 1991, Frankie Knuckles released a track called “The Whistle Song”. These days, the song is seen as a classic, as an ode to a very different time in house music and a very different time in the world. But how was it perceived in 1991? Well, the dance music press at the time hated it – the Def Mix crew were the EDM superstars of that era, after all.

But there’s few better ways to get a glimpse back in time than to listen to the music being played then. Which is why I was almost overjoyed with this find – over 200 recordings of classic DJ sets from between 1981 and 1999 have been rediscovered. They were found in a recently bought house at Pine Walk in New York’s Fire Island.

Right now, the mixes are being lovingly remastered – a delicate process as some of these tapes might not be in the best condition after all this time. And they’re all going to be available to listen to Mixcloud – and all with permission from those DJs who remain with us.

I’ll definitely be listening to as many of these as I can – and there’s more nostalgia later on with my latest installment of Here’s One They Made Earlier

Tip of the hat goes to Test Pressing over this one.

By The Editor

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