Here’s One They Made Earlier: shake shake, just shake shake! Add on an insatiable piano and it’s an invitation you’d struggle to turn down…

There are times in life when all you want to hear is an unrelentingly happy record. You just want to let yourself go for a few minutes and forget about everything – you just need something to throw yourself into. And since tonight is my birthday, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

From around 2000 onwards, the musical output of Frankie Knuckles seemed to almost totally dry up. For around a decade, he released very little music – and it wasn’t until he teamed up with Eric Kupper later to form Director’s Cut that his output recovered to something near 90s levels.

This one came out in 2006 and invites the listener to “shake shake, just shake shake”. You might not want to – but when that piano comes in at around 45 seconds, you simply can’t stop yourself…

Can we please have more of this kind of insanely cheerful, happy music?

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