Here’s One They Made Earlier: possibly the funkiest Kid Crème moment there ever was – shaking it down at night!

All this week, you’re getting special editions of this series. Partly because it’s a weird time of year and partly because I can stick them all up on the blog ahead of time – I’m probably having a drink right now. Anyway, tonight’s installment goes back to 2002 and a tune I wasn’t particularly keen on when I first heard it.

I’m talking about “At Night” by Shakedown, a Swedish duo, with shamefully uncredited vocals by the brilliant Terra Deva. It was early in the spring of 2002 and I wasn’t enamoured with the original version. Yet it seemed to be the mix of choice for quite a few people.

That changed when I was listening to a show a few weeks later and heard something very funky. When I heard the “At Night” acapella on top, I assumed it was just a DJ tool – only to see from tracklistings published online the next day that it was the Kid Créme Funksta Mix…

Which was, is, and probably always will be superior to the original for me…

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