It may be a new year, but it’s back to an old subject here – in more ways than one. With many hoping this is the year we can finally say goodbye to Covid-19, plenty of events taking place later in the year are already being advertised. So promoters have a tough job ensuring that whatever they’re plugging stands out above the rest.

An unusual name for an event might be one way of making sure extra tickets will sell. As I blogged recently, many clubs have been experiencing huge numbers of no-shows – as much as 40% in some cases. But I’ve had a few people getting in touch after coming across with a name that’s offensive at worst, dubious at best.

Terry Farley – yes, he who did the Boys Own stuff for a bit, then tagged along with Pete Heller for a bit more, then didn’t do much for a while before reappearing at Faith fanzine two years ago – wishes to tell his public about an event he’s holding on April 15th. It’s on Good Friday and he’s having a party – the “Natural Immunity” party, of all things.

One person who got in touch just wonders “Did he ask his mate Danny Rampling for suggestions on what to call it?”. Which is pretty reflective of how I feel about it. I’m all in favour of names which make a club night stand out, but this one just seems a bizarre choice.

Discipline within the Defected camp has somewhat broken down over recent weeks it seems. The label and boss Simon Dunmore have been extremely cautious with any pandemic related statements, knowing how polarising it is – and with a Defected act having recently said he wouldn’t find it “irresponsible” for artists or venues to ignore Covid restrictions, this doesn’t help matters.

They might soon be getting reminders that Captain Dunmore is notorious for running a tight ship…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.