Think of the name Kym Sims. I know who she is, but even if you don’t, you’ll almost certainly know “Too Blind To See It”, a song which she released all the way back in 1991. But she’s no one-hit wonder and had a number of other hits including “Take My Advice” in 1992, “We Gotta Love” from 1996 and her most recent hit “Turn It Up”.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible for someone in house music to announce their retirement, Sims showed us on New Year’s Day that – yes, it apparently does happen. At the not very old age of 55, she’s decided she’s “retreating” from the music business. Declaring “I got what I asked for from God, which was a recording career”, she confirms that “there is no more left for me to do in that area”.

And whilst all commitments already made will be honoured, Sims has basically said she’s out of the business. Although possibly not entirely – she makes a remark in her statement saying she can now “pick and choose what gigs I see that are a fit for me”. So we might not necessarily have seen the last of Kym Sims…

Having spoken to a number of her friends over the past few years, they describe to me a person who embraced them with open arms. She is someone they say isn’t afraid to work with new talent and to call things out as she sees them – and one of the most sincere people they’ve come across in a business notorious for its fakes and charlatans.

From a house music point of view, however, this announcement just leaves me feeling a little flat. During the 1990s, strong voices on house songs were very much present and supply was plentiful – but who is there today to carry on the baton? Where is the next 24-year old whose ready to take house music by storm?

I’m certainly not implying there’s no talent in house music today – anyone familiar with my own productions will know I’ve been humbled to work with some incredible singers and songwriters. I just wonder whether, with the way the music industry works these days, will we ever have another Kym Sims?

And if we do, will anyone play her music long enough for us to notice her?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.