Traditionally, the start of a brand new year would herald that annual batch of weight loss videos. This usually consists of some smug, high-minded type exercising in exceedingly tight lycra to make you feel bad about daring to eat a few chocolates over Christmas.

This year, DJs appear to have spotted a trend – but they’ve clearly recognised the exercise DVD market is somewhat over-saturated. So they’re doing online courses for producers and other DJs instead. We had the blog-blocking Alan Oldham the other day telling us to “focus on the work” whilst he focuses on spending time with has-beens from the nineties.

And now we have Carl Cox, whose course for Virtuoso is aimed at seemingly everyone – even country and western musicians. But what does Cox have to offer for those who fork out for his lectures?

Er, not a lot, really. He offers to tell you about how he started out in pubs in the 1980s, some stuff about how he got big during the 90s and then some more stuff about how he stayed there. No doubt there’s also some reference to being underground despite having not been there for at least 25 years now.

I can’t help but wonder, however, whether the section about accepting Saudi Arabian blood money to appear at MDL Beast Soundstorm made the final cut. My guess is that bit quickly found the cutting room floor…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.