Praise must surely go to Billboard after they ran a story a few days ago correctly predicting that the Grammy Awards would end up being postponed again this year. Given the Omicron variant of Covid is currently spreading like wildfire, it’s not the most surprising revelation in the world.

Nonetheless, a scoop is a scoop. So it now appears the many nominees in the many categories will have to wait for longer to find out whether that bit of room already cleared on their designated shelf will be filled with a Grammy trophy. But the plight of the nominees is even worse than last time – the poor dears.

In 2021, the ceremony was moved from January 31st to March 14th – a delay of 42 days. This time around, with uncertainty about how widespread this new variant will be, no new date has been announced. This potentially means the ceremony might not take place until after Easter.

Meaning in addition to this current Covid wave, we now face the prospect of having the likes of Booker T banging on about their Grammy nominations for several months. Anyone feeling this could be the longest winter might be about to be proven right…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.