The trouble with the internet is it always leaves a paper trail behind. And no matter how much you try to clean up or avoid making a mark in the first place, a trace of something will always be left online. With more and more aspects of our lives being digital nowadays, that means a lot of paper and a lot of trails.

I had some fun lately at the expense of Sony Music boss Rob Stringer. I did so for two reasons – the first being that I enjoy it, the second being because I genuinely do wonder what Lucian Grainge at Universal makes of it all. Well, today’s Daily Mail in the UK has quite the story which reveals more on all this.

They disclose that the nomination for Stringer to receive an award was made by the British Phonographic Industry. Although the BPI is headed by Geoff “It’s A Puppet” Taylor, we don’t know if his name was on the application form – and the Mail also tells us about a PR company called Right Angles.

According to the article, the company provided a “bespoke honours application service” and was paid £17,700 per month by Sony Music for PR work. When Right Angles found out about the application, they took it upon themselves to try and seek out letters from celebrities and other names which would help support it.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Lucian Grainge’s office on this Saturday morning…

Tip of the hat goes to the Daily Mail over this story. The Saturday Recap follows at midday.

By The Editor

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