Erick Morillo was a man who did rather nicely out of dance music. According to TMZ, he was able to purchase 7000 Macapa Drive in Los Angeles for $7.6million in 2014. The home contains four bedrooms, six bathrooms, its own office, a recording studio and even a lift to take you between floors.

After his death in September 2020 with a rape charge against his name, the question inevitably came up of what would happen to his house. So his family decided to sell it – and to say they’ve done rather nicely out of it is quite the understatement.

According to online rental marketplace Zillow, the house sale was completed on 3rd September 2021 for $9,405,000. Once estate agent fees have been taken off, that leaves a very tidy profit of $1.7million. The asking price was $7.9million, but the Morillo family can thank Bitmoji creator Jacob Blackstock for starting a bidding war which led to their good financial fortune.

Curiously however, none of the reports from the sale of the house mention much about its previous deceased owner. Infact, the listing by The Openheim Group makes no reference by name to Morillo at all – only a quick mention of the recording studio being “fitted with the best equipment the industry has to offer” gives a hint as to who the owner might be…

By The Editor

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