Madonna is one of those musicians who I have mixed opinions about. The one hand thinks she’s accomplished a lot in her career and managed to remain relevant when a lot of other names disappeared as quickly as they arrived. The other hand just wishes she’d keep her clothes on, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

One of the ways she’s remained relevant over the years is by watching what the trends are in music and latching onto them. She started doing this in the 1980s by letting the likes of Shep Pettibone remix her work. This followed in the 90s with the likes of Masters At Work, David Morales, Junior Vasquez and The Thin White Duke.

Now in the 2020s, she seems to have resorted to modern day names in dance music, being photographed the other day in the studio with none other than Honey Dijon – a DJ who is what she is and is unashamedly proud of it. And this is something this blog commends entirely.

Honey Dijon is also rather good at publicising herself. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this – especially in this digital era we live in. But it does raise an interesting question. Namely, who’s latching onto who this time around?

On the face of it, Honey Dijon is hanging onto the coat tails of a much bigger, more famous star, right? Er, I’m not so sure. Because as I explained earlier, Madonna is terribly good at finding what’s current and attaching herself to it. And right now, Honey Dijon is certainly one of those names on the rise.

I think the jury’s out on this curious friendship, although I’m already confident I’ll want to listen to the music that comes out of this collaboration – understood to be remixes of older Madonna records. And if there’s only one thing we’ve learnt on this Wednesday evening, it’s this.

The garage house movement will well and truly be accepted as part of the mainstream when Madonna is pictured on social media next to the likes of Danny J Lewis, Marc Cotterell or Demarkus Lewis…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.