Firstly, many congratulations must go to Rebekah Teasdale after successfully completing her expedition all the way up the 5,364 metres it takes to get to Mount Everest’s base camp. Like her, I have a certain fascination with very tall mountains – and she has accomplished something here which I almost certainly couldn’t do myself.

From what she’s published on Instagram, the climb went quite well. Indeed, the main issue Teasdale experienced was headaches – caused by the reducing levels of oxygen as her altitude increased. Oxygen levels are typically 50% less at Everest’s base camp than at sea level, reducing to around 25% at the summit of the mountain – a level so low that human life cannot survive for long.

I know a few people who have climbed up to Everest’s base camp in the past – all testify to it being a tougher physical task than they expected. Infact, one friend who almost made the summit a number of years ago says you need the two weeks or so of acclimatisation at the camp before taking on the Khumbu Icefall, such is the work involved.

And Teasdale is a woman made of tough stuff. A number of friends who know her and have spoken to this blog vouch for this, as do a few people who have worked with her. Taking on difficult things is something which Teasdale quite likes doing, or at least that’s the impression I get from my research on her.

So quite why the #ForTheMusic movement has not made further inroads and gained more traction is something that continues to baffle me. I want to get behind her and the campaign, because Teasdale doesn’t seem to worry about the prospect of ruffling feathers – in some regards, she reminds me of myself.

There’s still some time to turn things around. The dance music scene is fairly quiet at the moment and will likely be so for a few more weeks. If there was ever a time for making noise and guaranteeing you’ll be heard, it’s now. There’s no more time to waste, Rebekah – seize the day…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.