double standards

Over 600 musicians sign letter refusing to perform in Israel over Palestinian conflict – but why has notorious human rights loving DJ Danny Rampling not signed it?

The Israeli Palestine conflict is one that flares up sporadically, and inevitably brings up questions when it does. And some of those questions involve the human rights of the people who are caught up in the middle of this dreadful warfare. It's of no surprise, therefore, to find musicians making…

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Noel Clarke, accused of sexual harassment: Bafta suspension. Derrick May, accused of sexual assault: Nothing happens – so what’s the difference?

Noel Clarke, an actor for many years, is accused of groping, sexual harassment and bullying by no less than 20 women. Bafta respond by suspending his membership of the organisation and his outstanding contribution award. Derrick May, a DJ for many years, is accused of sexual mispropriety, including assault and…

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