Last Friday, I had another post up about Danny Rampling, pointing out how his views seem to do a 360 whenever it suits him. He was originally supportive of lockdown, claiming those who disobeyed it were a danger to everyone else.

These days, he spends much of his time telling us that lockdowns are all about conditioning us to accept a new way of life and that our freedoms are being lost forever. The fact they’re not is something that he somehow fails to spot.

Then again, Rampling has always been the type to change his views when it suits him – and I’m not talking about his bizarre decision in the 90s to introduce a Eurotrance section onto a radio show that primarily played US house and garage.

His concern about the loss of freedom and the erosion of human rights also disappears whenever money is involved. What else explains his decision to do a gig out in Dubai on Valentines Day 2013 with his latest wife?

According to Human Rights Watch

“On June 12, 2012, a Dubai criminal court cleared 13 Dubai police officers of charges of torturing three Pakistani detainees during interrogation in 2010. One of the detainees claimed that the officers hit him in the groin with a metal bar, then stripped him naked and sprayed his body with WD40, an industrial lubricant harmful to human skin. The court acquitted all the officers on the torture charges.”

Either Rampling was aware of the appalling human rights situation in the United Arab Emirates, which would make him greedy. Or he wasn’t, which means he’s not as bright as he thinks he is.

Which one is it?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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