A statement from Amateur’s House about recent coverage

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, wasn’t it? When you’re holding people to account each and every day of the week – unlike the mainstream dance music press – you’re eventually going to step on the toes of someone who doesn’t like what you write.

And sure enough, that has just happened. Annabel Ross – a journalist who helped expose Derrick May for what he is – has decided to attack this blog on Twitter, referencing a post I published on Tuesday about Resident Advisor’s editor in chief.

Whilst I’m sorely disappointed that Ross decided to engage in character assassination of me on Twitter – including the ridiculous accusation of misogyny at a blog which writes about far more men than women – I have to concede that this article did have its problems.

Let me make this crystal clear. I despise misogyny, and I will call it out when I see it. But like many other words in the English language, misogyny is a label brandished and used far too readily nowadays. It’s being used as a way of silencing dissent, which I strongly suspect Ross was shamefully doing.

But I have to accept this post wasn’t one of my finest. I’ll be perfectly honest – after writing it, I did have my doubts. What was intended to be a light-hearted look at Wei, on reflection, doesn’t come across as such. I don’t accept for one minute the original article was misogynistic – but I do believe that I crossed the line into the personal.

And for that, I’m unreservedly sorry to Whitney Wei and to my readers. Quite simply, I got this one wrong. I have made the decision to take the article down, because I don’t think it meets the standards I set myself on this site. I pride myself on being different, but I can’t take pride in a personal attack like this one.

Will I continue to write about what I believe to be the faults of Resident Advisor? Absolutely. But in future, I will aim to keep it about business, not about the personal…

An apology to George Fleming

On Sunday 27th June, I published an article titled “Who do you think you are, Matt Hancock? George Fleming, founder of Save Our Scene UK ignores rules he wrote himself by not wearing a face mask at London event”.

The article featured a still taken from an Instagram story published by George Fleming on the day of the event featuring a man whom I believed to be him walking towards the camera.

I have since been contacted by a number of people who have pointed out the man in question was not George Fleming. It was, in fact, a DJ called Suat – his Instagram profile can be found here. As soon as I was made aware of this, I took the story down.

I apologise unreservedly to George Fleming for this case of mistaken identity.

An apology to my readers

I hold others to quite high standards on this blog, so it’s only right that I do the same. And whilst I go to significant lengths to ensure that what I publish on Amateur’s House is accurate, mistakes can occasionally occur. When they do, it’s only appropriate to correct the record as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I published a post claiming that Derrick May had uploaded a post to Instagram portraying Bill Gates as holding a Covid-19 vaccine, captioned with the words “Time to install your update”. I claimed that the post had been removed following criticism from his management.

This is incorrect. In fact, the post is still online on his Instagram page. This was something that a few people pointed out to me yesterday. The error came about because the Instagram app on my phone no longer shows the post in question. I’m currently unsure why this is.

Therefore, I apologise unreservedly for the error, and I shall do everything possible to ensure such a mistake does not happen again.

Dave Clarke: an apology

Those of you who have followed me for a while will be aware that I think it’s sometimes necessary to apply pressure onto people who aren’t being entirely honest or refuse to do the right thing. Hence why I’ve pursued the likes of Sterling Void in quite a vehement manner.

That said, I also believe that I should accept when I get things wrong. And I’ve certainly got things wrong in the case of the self-styled Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke. I recently claimed that Clarke’s integrity was “increasingly questionable” in this post.

Since the time of publishing, new information has come to light which means that I retract that claim in its entirety. I now fully accept that Dave Clarke wants the same thing as many of us – namely to see Derrick May held to account for his actions. He just chooses to express himself in a different way, and that isn’t a bad thing.

I apologise unreservedly to Mr Clarke.