Well, it was bound to happen eventually, wasn’t it? When you’re holding people to account each and every day of the week – unlike the mainstream dance music press – you’re eventually going to step on the toes of someone who doesn’t like what you write.

And sure enough, that has just happened. Annabel Ross – a journalist who helped expose Derrick May for what he is – has decided to attack this blog on Twitter, referencing a post I published on Tuesday about Resident Advisor’s editor in chief.

Whilst I’m sorely disappointed that Ross decided to engage in character assassination of me on Twitter – including the ridiculous accusation of misogyny at a blog which writes about far more men than women – I have to concede that this article did have its problems.

Let me make this crystal clear. I despise misogyny, and I will call it out when I see it. But like many other words in the English language, misogyny is a label brandished and used far too readily nowadays. It’s being used as a way of silencing dissent, which I strongly suspect Ross was shamefully doing.

But I have to accept this post wasn’t one of my finest. I’ll be perfectly honest – after writing it, I did have my doubts. What was intended to be a light-hearted look at Wei, on reflection, doesn’t come across as such. I don’t accept for one minute the original article was misogynistic – but I do believe that I crossed the line into the personal.

And for that, I’m unreservedly sorry to Whitney Wei and to my readers. Quite simply, I got this one wrong. I have made the decision to take the article down, because I don’t think it meets the standards I set myself on this site. I pride myself on being different, but I can’t take pride in a personal attack like this one.

Will I continue to write about what I believe to be the faults of Resident Advisor? Absolutely. But in future, I will aim to keep it about business, not about the personal…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.