I see that Tim Westwood is the talk of social media at the moment, although you certainly won’t see any of the dance press covering it. Presumably because it doesn’t come in a friendly press release which can be lazily copied and pasted onto a website by a journalist without the time or inclination to do their job properly.

As you no doubt know, Black Lives Matter is a big thing at the moment, and all kinds of things are coming out of it. Not for the first time, rumours regarding inappropriate behaviour towards mostly young black women on Westwood’s part are circulating. Westwood has not commented, nor has he ever done so in the past – journalists seem to think his father’s occupation is a more interesting point to labour on.

Many years ago, I used to listen to Radio 1 on a Saturday night. At 9pm, those bloody sirens used to sound and Westwood’s voice used to come on. That was when I switched over to another station, every week without fail.

Trivial in comparison, without a doubt. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.