I could do with your thoughts on this one, reader. Because I’m not quite sure what to do.

Recently, I’ve been making some new music under a slightly different genre to normal. This isn’t the sort of hybrid house that appears under the Amateur At Play name – it’s basically somewhere between 2-step and UK garage. Like everything else I try to do, I invariably end up applying my own stamp to it.

I think some of it will definitely be well received, but I’ve now come across a problem. Do I put this stuff out under the existing Amateur At Play name, or do I branch out into another alias?

In the past, producers would use different aliases for several reasons, but the biggest one used to be because labels wanted to protect their own release. Vinyl was expensive to put out, and they didn’t want to risk anything from the same artist being out elsewhere at the same time.

So they came up with different aliases to get around this problem. Some sounded more different than others. For the perfect example, check out Ferry Corsten’s entry on Discogs. There’s loads on there and probably still one or two things no one has yet noticed were actually from him.

But these days, it looks slightly more complicated to me. How do you promote multiple aliases across social media, for example?

If anyone has any thoughts, please share!

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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