Right, the big day is finally here. The bearded plus size man with the red coat has probably been by now and hopefully given you some very nice presents. And chances are you’ll soon either be cooking a Christmas dinner for yourself and loved ones, or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has someone else in the kitchen.

Either way, this blog wishes you all a merry and happy Christmas Day. For one day, try to put the, shall we say, unusual state of the world out of your head and enjoy yourselves. It’s been a long year, even by normal standards. Have some turkey, pop open a bottle of your favourite tipple, have a chocolate or twelve and relax.

Normal service on the blog resumes tomorrow. Treats coming up – and I can tell you all this because I wrote them a few days ago – include he concluding part of my series on the garage category on Traxsource, a piece about NFTs and an article about what New Year’s Eve could have in store this year.

Now put your phone down and go and enjoy some more chocolate from the tubs. You know, the ones that used to be bigger in the past…

Merry Christmas!

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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