I see that Boris Johnson, possibly the worst Prime Minister that the UK has ever seen, has finally made a reference to nightclubs at one of his propaganda conferences.

I’ve seen a couple of these before. Usually, almost no information of any use or value is given out and Boris, as everyone insists on calling the man who seems unable to brush his own hair, fails to give answers to questions – to the stage where even stooge journalists are picking up on it.

I have no idea exactly why he’s decided to mention nightclubs now. I figure it might have something to do with the local elections in England coming up in a few months.

I concede that ravers are unlikely to be the most willing people to vote Tory. However, this message will be heard by a much wider variety of people, who will be pleased that the government seemingly wants to start opening the night time economy again.

And some of them do vote Conservative, make no mistake about that.

Always remember when it comes to politicians that it’s not just what they say or don’t say that should be noted. It’s the reasons why.