As France becomes the latest EU country to shut nightclubs (again!) amidst rising Covid cases, a question – where IS the evidence that shows they’re so dangerous?

Around the world, politicians have kept saying throughout the pandemic that they're following what the scientists tell them closely - whilst also pointing out with a disproportionate amount of glee that they make the final decisions. Except when those decisions turn out to be wrong, of course - then the…

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Mike Vale is officially choosing (for now) to stay silent after Danny Tenaglia called him out – but a friend gets in touch and reveals some behind the scenes stuff

Danny Tenaglia appears to have been getting lessons on social media usage from DJ Sneak. Recently, the self-proclaimed house gangster claimed Mixmasters was "a scam". After they called him out and pointed out he did an interview for them two years ago, did he apologise and withdraw his damaging allegation?…

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