It’s been well documented, not least of all here and here, that DJ Sneak has his issues with the way music is consumed in the digital age. He’s not alone in that – but he cut a pretty solitary figure when he revealed that he wanted to pull his catalogue from Traxsource.

So I thought I’d keep an eye on the progress. Now, I’m well aware that Sneak won’t own the rights to everything he’s done, especially the remixes, and I’ve been aware of this throughout. I’m not expecting literally everything to disappear.

Progress so far has been glacial. Back on January 19th, 613 tracks till appeared on his Traxsource profile. On January 29th, there were still 596 tracks there. Today, on February 25, how many songs are still there?

That would be 592.

Why do I get the increasing suspicion that Sneak wasn’t being serious?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.