Resident Advisor recently admitted in an article that they’d been making money out of plague raves in Tulum. The destination in Mexico, which has seen over 205,000 deaths from Covid-19, is a current favourite of DJs who care about nothing but money.

Having suddenly developed a pang of guilt over taking 12½% shares out of ticket sales to the plague spreading parties for nine months, Resident Advisor – which was also bailed out by British taxpayers last year – stuck a mea culpa at the end of a recent article and hoped no one would notice.

It appears they have stopped selling tickets for such events. However, this blog can reveal that they are still happy to advertise such events, and therefore enable clubbers to go to the events they claim to deplore.

Listings for both of these events, due to take place tomorrow, remain online.

Quite how this ties in with their stance against supporting plague raves has not been explained…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.