Since January, this blog has been helping DJ Sneak to keep to his vow. He effectively made it his New Year’s resolution to have all his music removed from digital stores. And I thought I’d do a public service by keeping an eye on this pledge.

A quick reminder at this stage that when he made this vow, he had a total of 613 records available on Traxsource. I’ve also made allowances for the fact that it can take time to get the rights back for master recordings, for distributors to remove the release from stores and so on.

At the last update, on 20th April, he had 572 tracks still on the site. Today, he has… 572. That’s right – not a single DJ Sneak record has come off Traxsource for at least 2 weeks. Traxsource Freedom Day now won’t be until at least the middle of September 2023.

And just as you think it couldn’t get any worse for the self-proclaimed House Gangster… well, allow me to make it even more so. On Beatport, he has 768 records that still remain online.

This is a bit of a joke now. Isn’t it time that Sneak engaged his brain before speaking? That way, he wouldn’t have made stupid promises that he knew he couldn’t keep…

By The Editor

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